freshet (plural freshets)

  1. The sudden flooding of a stream because of heavy rain etc
  2. (poetic) a small stream, especially one flowing into the sea
    • 1936: Between the kerbs and the snow-banks a freshet of clear blue water rises. Within me a freshet that chokes the narrow gorge of my veins. — Henry Miller, Black Spring

7 letters in word "freshet": E E F H R S T.

Anagrams of freshet:

Words found within freshet:

ee ef efs eft efts eh ehs er ere eres erf ers erst es est ester et eth ethe ether ethers eths fe fee feer feers fees feet feh fehs fer fere feres ferest fes fest fester fet fete fetes fets free frees freest freet freets fresh fret frets he heft hefte hefter hefts her here heres hers herse hes hest het hete hetes hets re ree reef reefs rees reest ref refs reft reh rehs res reset resh rest ret rete retes rets see seer ser sere serf set sh she sheer sheet shere shet st steer stere te tee teer teers tees tef tefs tehr tehrs teres terf terfe terfes terfs terse tes the thee thees there theres these three threes tree trees tref tres